Sunday Poems XV

Tomorrow evening I am performing in a show called Blue Monday at Mercury Room. This long part of winter, stretching on, is one which is hard on a lot of us, and to this end Jason Lee Norman has organized this variety show, showcasing local comedians, poets, and musicians, gathered to reflect on this time of year and also to cheer you up a little bit. You can find details about the event, and where to buy advance tickets by clicking here.

Sundays are a good day for sitting at the kitchen table and looking over your shoulder to see that most of the books are off the floor and on the shelf, even if they’re not ordered as meticulously as you’d prefer. Maybe you have a glass teapot with one of those flowering teas in it. It opens as you click around on the computer saying hello to all of the friends you were out of touch with because the week was so very busy. Writing a poem and showing it to all y’all every Sunday has been one of the best experiences of my last six months, and I’m very thankful to everyone who is reading this. As always, if you have a question about the poem below, or if you need to chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


And how you tried
to look at the sun

peaches fell
they rolled
off of the counter
onto the new floor

we picked up a book
which was
beneath the kitchen table

which is a desk
set askew
by the window

and how you tried
to look at the sun

you know
i think it looked back

but i couldn’t tell you
what it was trying to say

i don’t think that the sun
needs to say
much of anything.


And how
the snow fell

it always does
and it always

monday morning
crept up on us
and then

where the fuck
did it go

and how
the snow fell

as we did our makeup
mine with the mirror
and yours without

i told myself
i would take more baths
and i had a good streak going
reading csikszentmihalyi
aloud in the bath
pretending i was reading to you

i told you about it later
and i couldn’t quite describe
it well enough
and you nodded along

you said
“i don’t think i understand
but i always love listening to you speak”

for whatever reason
i didn’t believe you

and you left the country
and since i’ve been in the shower instead

it takes less time
than being in the bath
and i haven’t read a page
of the book ever since.

This post was originally written on January 17, 2015 for Latitude 53, while I was their Writer in Residence.