Sunday Poems 36: To the mall

I spent yesterday in a mall. I had to drop off my cell phone for repair at the cell phone manufacturer’s branded store. The touch screen wasn’t working. I’d been typing out texts at the rate of about one word every thirty seconds for the last month. It’s ridiculous I’d let it go on this long. The clerk at the shop looked at my phone and told me it would be about one hour to have it repaired. I had been hoping they’d just swap it out for a new one and I’d be able to walk away. A few minutes later he told me he’d been mistaken, and it would be two and a half hours. I said that would be ok, and set off to kill time in the mall.

I immediately reprimanded myself for thinking as ungrateful a thought as to kill time. I read in the food court for a few hours, asking fellow food-court goers the time every hour because I had been deprived of my digital timepiece.

Sunday is a nice day to curl up with a book about a topic you haven’t read about in a while. Your back hurts a little bit. You lie on the floor, that helps it. You hold the book up over you until your arms start to fall asleep. Then you roll onto your side and rest one of your hands under your jaw. Your First Aid course taught you that this is called ‘recovery position’. You’re not entirely sure what you need to recover, but you know that you do. Below is a poem. Consider sharing it with someone that you feel affection for. As always, I’m here if you need to talk. Have a great week, everybody.


looking for an opportunity
headphones on
oblivious to the dark.

the blinds all drawn.

taking a shower in the middle of the afternoon.

stepping past the curtain.

putting things down on paper.

writing about the flowers.

picking up the phone, your voice.

getting up in the morning
getting up in the morning.

bringing you snacks to work.

making dinner every day
a tree
wraps around
another tree
and stays there.

how will we work on the fence
behind the trees?

Originally published June 12, 2016.

Theodore Fox is a poet living on Treaty Six land in Canada.
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