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Hi, my name's Theodore Fox, and I'm a writer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, who contemplates gender, sexuality, illness, stillness, and creativity through poetry, fiction, criticism, and performance. Every week I write a new instalment of Sunday Poems, a poem and accompanying essay about something which has been going on in that week. I was the Winter 2015/2016 Writer in Residence for Latitude 53

In addition to my own work writing, I run poetry workshops for all ages, wine education events, a monthly video game discussion group, and a semi-monthly film discussion group. I also take a lot of selfies.

The Roman stoic philosopher Seneca the Younger complained of fearing "the lunacy of the poets, who encourage human frailty by their stories in which Jupiter, seduced by the pleasures of love-making is seen to double the length of the night. What else is it but to inflame our vices when they quote the gods to endorse them, and as a precedent for our failings they offer–and excuse–the wantonness of the gods?"

I like to think that my work helps to confirm these fears.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions: theodore at

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Selected works:

-Bathtub . . . (Ghost City Press, 2017)
-Faster . . . (Ghost City Press, 2016)
-what is it about . . . (ebook, Entropy Poetics, 2014)
-december . . . (chapbook, FTPKDW, 2012)

-Three Poems . . . (Pajama Party, 2016)
-You Go Down To The River . . . (damp, 2014)
-lawn + oasis . . . (Occult Geometry #1, 2014)

-a magpie woke me up . . . (Reality Hands #7, 2014)
-Double Crests . . . (Electric Cereal, 2014)
-Shaw . . . (self, 2012)

-Why I Write . . . (Latitude 53 Blog, 2015)
-on Holly de Moissac's 'farsighted' . . . (Latitude 53 Blog, 2015)
-textlit . . . (Internet Archive Tumblr Residency, 2014)

-selected film works of paul mccarthy 1972-1987 . . . (GFC 2.0, 2014)
-Things People Have Said To Me In Bed . . . (LART, 2013)

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